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Genesis XPS Women’s Graphite/Mint X62415


Genesis XPS Women’s Graphite/Mint X62415




Our customers say this shoe fits small and recommends to order 1/2 a size larger than your common shoe size.


Designed to offer a perfect balance of support and cushioning. Breathable mesh and synthetic upper. Slightly curved last is the perfect solution for those needing a lighter weight motion control shoe. Xelero Motion Control Technology keeps the foot in alignment throughout the gait cycle resulting in less stress for the foot, ankle, knee, hips, and lower back.


  • Xelero Technology: Makes Running and Walking easier
  • Internal Rocker: Enhanced forward motion & provides rear foot stability
  • Control Plate: Off loads bottom pressure
  • EVA Midsole: Stable Cushioning
  • Custom Fit System. 2nd removable 3mm insole for added width
  • Extra depth to accommodate orthotics
  • Solid rubber outsole

Best For:

  • Everyday Runs
  • Overcoming Overuse Injuries
  • Walking

Support Neutral Stability:

Perfect for both Supination and Pronation issues

Midsole drop:



12oz/ 334g

Fit Characteristics:

Go up ½ size

Our best seller for people who need help with foot ailments, better support and walking stability.  The Genesis is light weight and the Patented Xelero Technology inside the midsole does all the work by assisting the walking motion.  The breathable moisture wicking mesh upper and 2 removable footbeds inside the shoe provide both comfort and the ability to customize the fit or make extra room for custom orthotics.  For those looking for support and stability, the Genesis is the answer!

“Healthy shoes for feet”… Xelero has been shown to help several common foot related issues including Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Hallux Rigidus, Ankle pain, Knee pain and Lower Back pain due to misalignment issues. 

6 reviews for Genesis XPS Women’s Graphite/Mint X62415

  1. Mary Byrne

    I already have a pair and they suit my feet. I have severe arthritis and
    flat feet and have to wear orthotics . They give great ankle support and are very comfortable for walking.

    • erica

      Hello Mary! So happy to hear your Genesis work so well for you! Wear them excellent health!

  2. Mary Byrne

    I want to order online 1 pair of Xelero trainers size 40 European size.
    Width D. Model number X62415B.


    I purchased these shoes after a consultation with Foot Solutions. I was born with hip dysplasia and one leg is much shorter than the other. I begun walking more in my retirement as a form of exercise and after about a year, I began to experience severe metatarsal pain. I had seen several podiatrists who recommended several different insoles, a different brand shoe and custom orthotics if the pain did not subside. After several months with no pain relief, I contacted Foot Solutions to obtain custom orthotics. After a very thorough consultation, the recommendation from the Foot Solutions representative was this great pair of shoes with heel lifts inserted to equalize the pressure on the shorter leg foot. It has now been a couple of weeks but so far, I am extremely happy with the results and increasing my walking each week. I will be purchasing more of the Genesis shoes!

    • erica

      Love to hear success stories Angel and you have been on a wild ride to get to this point! You deserve all the pain free days and enjoying your retirement! Thank you for taking the time to share with the Xelero family your story and success! Wear your shoes in good health!

  4. Laura Vanoy-Quick

    I have these exact shoes and I love them. I need another pair. Do they have other colors?

  5. Paula

    I love these shoes. I got my first pair thru Foot Solutions and haven’t bought anything different since then. I think I’m on my 3rd pair. I have severe foot arthritis, hammer toe and bunion and both hips replaced. With these shoes I get enough foot and ankle support to keep me walking. Plus they look nice.

  6. Heathet

    I have flat feet with a torn plantar fasciitis and need rigid rocker soles with a high rigid arch and good ankle support- which shoes would you recommend?

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