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Genesis XPS Men’s Graphite X34644


Genesis XPS Men’s Graphite X34644







  • Xelero Technology: Makes Running and Walking easier
  • Internal Rocker: Enhanced forward motion & provides rear foot stability
  • Control Plate: Off loads bottom pressure
  • EVA Midsole: Stable Cushioning
  • Custom Fit System. 2nd removable 3mm insole for added width
  • Extra depth to accommodate orthotics
  • Solid rubber outsole

Best For:

  • Everyday Runs
  • Overcoming Overuse Injuries
  • Walking

Support Neutral Stability:

Perfect for both Supination and Pronation issues

Midsole drop:



13.9oz/ 396g

Fit Characteristics:

Go up ½ size

Xelero’s Genesis Mesh is perfectly suited for walking and running. The mini-lug outsole is suitable for roads and easy terrain. The patented Xelero technology insures stability while encouraging forward motion. The Xelero midsole provides light-weight cushioning while the seamless lining optimizes comfort. The extra cushioning EVA insole provides another layer of comfort. Moisture wicking linings keep your feet dry.

“Healthy shoes for feet”… Xelero has been shown to help several common foot related issues including Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Hallux Rigidus, Ankle pain, Knee pain and Lower Back pain due to misalignment issues. 

2 reviews for Genesis XPS Men’s Graphite X34644

  1. John Latham

    I bought a pair of Genesis XPS X34644 on February 26th 2023. Four weeks later the sole started coming apart. After a struggle with the returns people they sent me a new pair April 1st 2023. Four months of lite use on the replacement shoe, the same defect of the sole started. The sole of the shoe came apart just as the previous pair. The odd thing is the defective shoe on the first and replacement pair was just on the right shoe…
    The return depart is denying there is or was a manufacturing defect. They say they have never seen this issue before.
    So potential buyer I ask you what do you think the odds are that one person has received not one but two defective items and that this was not a manufacturing issue?…
    I’m not saying don’t buy this shoe, but beware of the customer service if you get one of the Genessis XPS module X34644.


    • erica

      Hi John! We strive to make every customer happy and while we replaced your shoes and did all that we could, we could not meet your satisfaction. We want everyone who has tried our shoes to find the perfect shoe for them and if that means another brand, we wish you all the luck and many happy days in the footwear that works best for you!

  2. Jeff Eckhard

    I’ve had 3 pairs of these XPS X34644 4 E shoes . I love them , unfortunately my local store has quit selling this particular Xelero style or I’d have a new pair

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