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What Are the Benefits of Motion Control Shoes

When it comes to running shoes, we’ve always been told that fit, support, and comfort are essential to take care of your feet. While these are important aspects to consider when shopping for running shoes, there are other factors that can affect how you feel after a run, specifically, your stride. Everyone has a unique stride, and one major factor that distinguishes your stride is what’s called pronation.

Pronation is the inward rolling of the ankle when your foot lands on the ground. A certain degree of pronation is normal to help your feet absorb shock. However, too little or too much, and you might need different shoes to correct your stride. One option is motion control shoes. In this blog, we’re going to go over what motion control shoes are and their benefits, so you can see whether this type of shoe meets your needs.

What Are Motion Control Shoes?

Motion control shoes are designed to limit excessive foot motions by decreasing the extent of pronation. Extra support in the arch area helps improve stability in the foot, and reduces the inward rolling degree of the ankle when your foot hits the ground.

Because these shoes are designed to limit motion, they are very durable. they differ from neutral running shoes in that natural shoes are designed for the ideal running stride, and therefore are more flexible and light weight. Motion control shoes have a medial post that reinforces the arch of the foot for a more stable, structured stride.

Benefits of Motion Control Shoes

With over-pronation comes the risk of injury. Motion control shoes reduce the risk of injury because even if you have shoes that fit right and are comfortable, they aren’t going to correct pronation, but motion control shoes will.

They also help reduce the overuse of certain muscle groups. Motion control shoes are better at triggering the quadricep muscles, which helps prevent your feet from experiencing too much fatigue by distributing the impact.

Lastly, they are more durable than other kinds of shoes. Because they are designed to correct your stride and offer more support, you’re getting the advantage of a longer-lasting shoe.

How to Know if You Need Motion Control Shoes

There are so many different kinds of shoes, so it can be hard to decide on a pair that’s right for you. Here are some tips for figuring out if you need motion control shoes:

  • Check your arches/ overpronation using the “wet foot test”. Wet the bottom of your bare foot and stand on a paper towel or something you can see your footprint on. If your footprint doesn’t show much variation in width, you are more likely to overpronate when you run. If you can barely see the bottom of your foot, you’re more likely to underpronate, or roll your feet outward.
  • Check the wear pattern on your running shoes. If the wear on the shoe tends to be on the inside edges along the heel and the ball of your foot, you likely overpronate.

Xelero is the first shoe that systemically combines stability and cushioning with a dynamic forward motion. Xelero shoes have a “Propulsion Element” that cradles the rear foot on both the Medial and Lateral sides. It is the only motion control shoe on the market that is neutral and works in remedying both Pronation and Supination.

With Xelero motion control shoes, you will walk easier, and stay on your feet longer with less pain, whether that means helping you live a healthier and more active lifestyle, or getting you back training quicker while overcoming an injury.

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Picture of a Generic Xelero Shoe


Picture of a Generic Xelero Shoe


Picture of a Generic Xelero Shoe


Picture of a Generic Xelero Shoe


Picture of a Generic Xelero Shoe



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