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David Blank, Ph.D.
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I have been suffering from Spinal Stenosis for several years. I tried your shoes a few months ago and the symptoms have disappeared while I wear them but will return when I use other shoes or walk barefoot. I have since purchased two additional pairs of your shoes and the symptoms have disappeared using any of them. And, by the way, thanks for making my quality of life so much better.
Joe Dyament, C.Ped Foot Solutions of St. Clair Shores, MI
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Xelero is the product we’ve been missing! While other rocker brands provide great benefits, many patients cannot tolerate the aggressive nature and/or natural instability of the shoes. The control plate incorporated in the Xelero midsole is outstanding. We recommend Xelero specifically for patients with hallux limitus/rigidus and they are experiencing improved gait and comfort without loss of lateral stability. Not only do the shoes look great, they also have fantastic depth to accommodate orthoses and come in widths. These shoes fill the void we’ve been searching for and give us another tool to work with to help improve patient foot health. A big thank you from Detroit!
Bob Toth, C.Ped. Boas Surgical
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I have fit the Xelero shoe to patients that are in need of hind foot control and stability. We’ve had good success with those cases. This shoe provides the benefits of a rocker sole without causing imbalance. It’s nice to have those features built “into” the shoe instead of having to modify a shoe.
Kendrick A. Whitney, DM Associate Professor, Department of Podiatric Medicine and Orthopedics, Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine
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The Xelero walking experience is unlike any other shoe that I have worn. Its unique midsole rocker technology and outsole design provides for a much more comfortable and energy efficient gait than with traditional walking and running shoes. Runners will also love the enhanced shock absorption provided by Xelero, which greatly reduces problems stemming from rear foot and forefoot stress. This shoe is a must for the serious walker or runner!
Carl Barone, Carl's Shoes, Inc.
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We found the Xelero shoe has given tremendous satisfaction to our customers that have plantar fasciitis and forefoot problems with Morton’s neuroma. We highly recommend this shoe.
Hugh Gbewonyo, Foot Solutions, Pike East Norriton, PA
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Xelero has been a great product for our customers. The internal rocker is very helpful for customer who are not very stable on their feet and cannot wear a shoe like the MBT. The internal rocker also helps with heel pain as well as taking pressure off the metatarsals. I personally love wearing them as well because of the overall comfort of the shoe.
Ted Rolling, CO, C.Ped., DAWCA, ACSM
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Xelero shoes have been a positive addition to our current offering of footwear. The unique sole presentation offers a smooth gait progression typically only available by adding a costly and time consuming rocker sole. Your shoe has become the ONLY shoe I use anymore, when I’m not at work. I use a carbon fiber AFO on my Right side, and your shoes have reduced demands on my knee and made walking a breeze.
Lenore Miller, Lake Worth, FL
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Having suffered a mild stroke, I have difficulty with my left side that affects my walking and balance. At first, I was skeptical, but Xelero really helps make walking easier – at least for me. I now can walk further and a little faster with less effort, and never a wobble.
Peter Kerr Certified Pedorthist Foot Solutions Voorhees, NJ
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I just wanted to let you know about a patient that was treated yesterday. This man, in his 60s, has chronic back problems resulting from a car accident ten years ago. The injuries tend to make him lean forward on his forefoot. It wasn’t long after that he developed arthritis bilaterally in the forefoot. He now is less active, gaining weight. This has contributed to developing diabetes. Long story, a little shorter, He confessed that he has been to a number of professionals and he couldn’t get any relief. I put him in a Xelero Matrix and made some minor foot bed modifications. He called today to let me know that it’s the first day since he can remember that he didn’t feel like he needed to take 3 Advil. This is the most recent (and probably the most extraordinary) outcome in many positive outcomes that we have had with Xelero. Particularly effective for an array of forefoot issues. Thanks for developing such a great shoe!
Chris Schmidt, Owner, Pedorthist, Orthopedic Shoe Technician The Finish Line Running Store, Emmaus, PA
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The success we have had with Xelero shoes so far has been tremendous. We have had such a wide range of customers purchasing these shoes. From the clerk at the counter, to the nurses in the hospital, the chef at the restaurant, the customer with balance problems, to the folks who just love comfort. The customer with back problems, plantar fasciitis, tired legs and more these shoes help. The fit on the shoes is great. The stability of shoes is great whether you pronate or supinate. If you are looking for a shoe with the rocker midsole, Xelero is the shoe for you, it really puts most of the other shoes to shame. The best advantage to Xelero is you can wear it all the time, not just while you are walking. We are happy to give our customers a shoe with such great purpose.
S. H. Friedman, DSC public Shoe Store, Inc Arlington, Virginia
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We have recently introduced Xelero shoes into our comfort and fit focused store and are very impressed already with the support and stability they offer to customers dealing with plantar fasciitis, stress fractures and metatarsalgia. Where we have normally had to supplement shoes with additional pads and inserts, we are finding that Xelero, in many cases, negates the need for those.
I have at the left and right foot an arthrosis in the midfoot, and couldn’t make any walking and jogging exercise. Now I’m testing the Xelero Matrix Leather and I feel great. I can walk till 2 hours without pains in my feet. Also I can run two times a week, currently 30 minutes and hope to enrich my training. To all active people with arthrosis in the midfoot I can recommend the Xelero shoes. Frieder Kathrin Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland
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I have at the left and right foot an arthrosis in the midfoot, and couldn’t make any walking and jogging exercise. Now I’m testing the Xelero Matrix Leather and I feel great. I can walk till 2 hours without pains in my feet. Also I can run two times a week, currently 30 minutes and hope to enrich my training. To all active people with arthrosis in the midfoot I can recommend the Xelero shoes.
William Smith, National Certified Orthopedic Shoe Technician, Southern Tier Pedorthic Center, DBA Hank's Shoe Service, Endicott, NY
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I find the Xelero to be a wonderful addition to our pedorthic arsenal against foot problems. When fitted correctly, customers are amazed at the feel and comfort of the shoes. The system in the shoe works so well for so many problems. The easiest way to explain the shoe is that the Xelero forces you to walk correctly. It eliminates stress from the hips down. I have people with hairline fractures in the metatarsals and these people are walking without pain. We have been selling the Xelero for a year and have many people coming back for another pair in a different color, not because they have worn out. Some of the problems we are dealing with and are correcting are plantar fasciitis, hallux rigidus, acheles tendonitis, stress fractures in the met, metatarsalgea and nueromas.
Perry Calhoun, The Shoe Market, Greensboro, NC
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Xelero is the perfect shoe for any customer who needs support, instant comfort and great styling all in one package. We have been so thankful to be able to offer Xelero to our customers who are otherwise difficult to fit, who have knee, hip or back discomfort, or who need to take pressure off their forefoot or heel. Xelero offers all the stability and comfort of the best walking shoes on the market with patterns that look great for every day wear.

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“Xelero shoes “improve people’s lives” by offering an appropriate foot environment by supporting the foot structures and improving gait biomechanics during heel contact, midstance, and propulsion. In the treatment of a number of common foot pathologies, Xelero shoe technology along with a wide heel base, straight last function and wide midfoot base, will offer successful treatment outcomes, therefore bringing value of the patient”.

Donna Robertson,
Pedorthic Specialist
Foot Solutions.

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